Canon EOS R3, first information about mirrorless camera arrives, competition will heat up


Canon EOS R3 competition will intensify, last month Nikon announced the development of the latest technology mirrorless camera to date. And now Canon has responded with the announcement of the Canon EOS R3, which we expect will fit in a similar frame. The Canon EOS R3 is still in development and the details are not overwhelming. However, it is clear that it will now be positioned above the Canon EOS R5, Canon’s flagship mirrorless camera.

Like Nikon’s upcoming Z9, the Canon EOS R3 looks like a heavy camera with a built-in vertical grip for shooting in both vertical and horizontal directions. The body design and control layout is largely similar to Canon’s top-of-the-line professional DSLR, the EOS-1D X Mark III. Moreover, the body is resistant to dust and water.

Canon says the EOS R3 will be the first camera to use a new 35mm full-frame stacked CMOS sensor with backlight. He says that the image processor and electronic shutter will allow 30fps shooting with AF and AE tracking. Canon also talks about the Canon EOS R3’s auto focus capabilities. This is the company’s first digital camera with eye-controlled AF and a deep learning algorithm is used to improve the up-body recognition of human subjects. This is said to help his performance in challenging situations such as sports photography.

That’s all the details from Canon for now. The company did not provide a detailed specification table, let alone price or release date. But with Nikon’s Z9 and Sony’s new A1, the professional mirrorless camera battles are heating up. The name of the Canon EOS R3 means that the product can be found further in Canon’s product line.


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