Canon EOS R3 announced: mirrorless camera


Canon EOS R3 announced. In the past months, the professional photo and video camera sector has started to move. Especially in this period of great developments on the video side, Sony announced the A1 and FX3 models, while Nikon shared that the Z9 is under development. Canon did not remain silent on these developments and set out to develop the Canon EOS R3.

Canon EOS R3 specifications

Canon EOS R3 will be a mirrorless camera. It will be positioned between the EOS 1D Mark 3, the most advanced DSLR camera currently in Canon’s product range, and the R5, the best of the recently introduced EOS R mirrorless family. The brand announced that it will develop the device on the basis of high speed, high precision, and high reliability.

The camera uses Canon’s latest developed 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor and includes the DIGIC X image processing processor. In this way, the device can shoot 30 FPS continuous AF / AE with both normal and electronic shutter. In addition, the machine has a technology that prevents the problem of photo distortion that is common with electronic shutters.

Who does it appeal to?

Canon will launch the device mainly aimed at sports photographers. The camera features Canon’s Dual-Pixel CMOS AF autofocus technology, which has been proven for years and is almost unrivaled in the industry. In addition, the autofocus capabilities of the device are supported by deep learning and artificial intelligence algorithms. This allows photographers to shoot even very moving objects without losing focus. Thanks to all of these, the camera enables us to take low-grainy photos at night or indoors with low light.

The Canon EOS R3 is also Canon’s first digital camera to feature eye control. This new technology allows the AF frame to be adjusted according to the eye movements of the subject while looking through the viewfinder. Thus, it makes it possible to take more enjoyable shots with fast focus when switching between subjects. All of these new enhancements help photographers take beautiful photos, especially in areas with constant movement such as sports.

When will the Canon EOS R3 be available and how will it be priced?

Canon has announced that the camera is currently in development. However, considering that the model will be launched mostly for sports photographers; We can guess that the device will hit the shelves before the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics will start on July 23 this year. We can probably start seeing the Canon EOS R3 in stocks around the end of June or early July.

The Canon EOS R3, which will be deployed between EOS R5 and EOS 1D Mark 3, is about 5 thousand dollars.


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