Canon cameras save photos to Google Photos


Earlier this year Canon gave up on its project to create its own cloud storage so that photographers using their cameras have an option to save their captures automatically, which may have given users a yearning for a cold shower. type functionality.

However, to meet this demand, the company created a similar project, the, which, instead of providing its own cloud storage, allows owners of several Canon camera models to have an option for automatic cloud storage from other companies, like Flickr or Google Drive, which have been available since the feature arrived.

Now, – which also has a dedicated application for Android and iOS – gains two more compatible cloud services: Google Photos and Adobe Creative Cloud.

To allow complete storage on one of the compatible services, users need to download the application to a mobile phone and connect it to a compatible Canon camera. After that, just select the desired storage service to finish the configuration. From then on, as soon as the camera finds a saved Wi-Fi network, the images will automatically be stored in the cloud.

However, it is important to note that storage in Google Photos has a prerequisite: users must have an account with Google One, the subscription service of the search giant that offers, among other advantages, an expansion in the storage service in cloud – both for Photos, Gmail or Google Drive.

Finally – and not least – not all Canon camera models are compatible, so you need to look at the list of devices that rely on the service on the official website of, which separates each product by region.

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In another interesting function released by the company, we remember that Canon started to allow, since April, the use of some models of cameras as webcam in the computer.


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