Canon announces new robotic camera control system


The Canon Robotic Camera System lets you connect multiple Canon EOS DSLRs to a single application, allowing you to shoot at different angles at the same time.

Canon introduced the EOS 1DX Mark III DSLR camera at the CES 2020 with flagship features.

Canon Robotic Camera System features
The robotic system is able to rotate your machine to different angles without vibration thanks to a stabilization support. With the optional CR-G100 controller, you can control the system wirelessly.

Thanks to compatible software, you can capture and process frames from different angles, for example, by matching multiple systems to a computer. The system only works on photos and there is no stabilization system for video.

The robotic system is already working with the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II or Mark III lenses which are highly compatible with the L series. Again, this system cannot be used in mirrorless machines. The price will be announced next month.


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