Cannes Film Festival Management Announced That It Is Not Possible To Organize The Festival Normally This Year


The Cannes Film Festival management, which published a statement after the ban covering the festivals in France until the middle of July, has been announced that the festival will not be held as normal this year, but different options have been evaluated.

While the fate of the 73rd Cannes Film Festival, which is planned to be held between 12-23 May this year but which has to be postponed due to the fearful coronavirus epidemic worldwide, continues to be a matter of curiosity, the festival management will publish a statement in the light of the latest developments, He explained that it would not be possible to organize.

This announcement by the Cannes Film Festival management came after the French government extended the ban on collective events, including festivals, by mid-July. French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday that the curfew was extended until May 11, while events such as festivals could begin in the middle of July at the earliest. This showed that the delayed Cannes Film Festival could not be held at the end of June as expected.

It is stated that all kinds of possibilities are evaluated for organizing the 73. Cannes Film Festival in some way
The Cannes Film Festival used the following statements in a press release published after the decisions taken on Monday:

“After the announcement of the French President on Monday, April 13, we accept that the 73rd Cannes Film Festival is not possible to be held from the end of June to the beginning of July, as planned.

It seems difficult to assume that the Cannes Film Festival will be held normally this year.

However, since last night, we have contacted many professionals from both France and other countries. They agree that the Cannes Film Festival, an important supporter of the film setter, needs to evaluate every possibility to somehow realize the Cannes 2020 to support the cinema. ”

It was stated how the Cannes Film Festival will take place this year will be determined after the epidemic uncertainties disappear.

Cannes Film Market to Be Organized Online, Will Start on June 22
On the other hand, after this announcement by the Cannes Film Festival management, it was announced to the industry professionals that Cannes Film Market, which will be organized online, according to ScreenDaily, who communicated with the setter professionals in America, will start on 22 June. Cannes Film Festival has not officially confirmed these dates for now.

Variety also confirmed the information and shared that Cannes Film Market will be held online from June 22-28. Jerome Paillard, who is the head of Cannes Film Market, is expected to officially announce details on Friday. It is expected that the virtual market will progress both through meetings over Zoom and through Cinando, Cannes Film Market’s own application.

On the other hand, talent agencies, sales representatives and distributors in America are preparing to organize their own virtual markets. It is stated that negotiations will take place for larger productions with important names in this virtual market that will accompany Cannes Film Market.

15 Days of Directors, Week of Critics and ACID Selections Canceled
Update: Shortly after this announcement published by the Cannes Film Festival, a joint statement came from the side selections of the festival. With this statement, it was announced that the Directors ’15 Days, Critics’ Week and ACID selections were planned to be organized in parallel with the 73rd Cannes Film Festival. It was stated that all three side selections will continue to support the films planned to be included in the program by working with the Cannes Film Festival.