Is cannabis effective in fighting Covid-19?


According to a pre-study by Canadian scientists, a dozen varieties of cannabis could help fight Covid-19

Before you go get your parents and tell them “you see weed can help fight Covid-19”, be patient and read on. Canadian researchers have done a study to see the “benefits” of cannabis to prevent coronavirus infection.

But what about it really? Is the result really conclusive? This is the question that the Express asked itself.

According to the media, the researchers are working on “800 new lines and extracts of cannabis plants”. Thanks to that, they just hypothesized about the Covid-19. This is when you pray that the result will be conclusive.

Well know that this is the case. Indeed, cannabis extracts with a high cannabidiol content would act on “ACE2”. You are probably wondering what it is? Quite simply a key protein in the physiology of Covid-19.

It is a receptor, present on the surface of cells, to which the virus attaches to infect its host.

“At least 13 varieties with high CBD content could modulate the expression of the ACE2 gene. And so the ACE2 protein levels, “said L’Express.

In other words, some varieties of cannabis could really help fight Covid-19. Despite everything, there is indeed a catch.

Indeed, the media warns that the study in question has not been reread or verified by its peers. In addition, the models they worked on were only digital.

Simply put, no test has been done on a human. This is why, we must take the info, and the study, carefully before rolling a joint to fight against the Covid-19.

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However, upon learning this news, there is no doubt that some will do everything to ensure that the study is completed. This gives them a good reason to smoke.


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