Canelo is next, I already beat him once and left him crying


After defeating Julio César Chávez Jr. this Friday in Tijuana, Mario Cázares revealed his intentions to face multi-champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

The Sinaloan boxer who just defeated the oldest son of the dynasty, made it clear that instead of giving Julio César his revenge, he prefers a fight against the Jalisco.

“Let’s go for Canelo, Canelo is next. I already beat him once, I left him crying and now I’m going to leave him asleep on top of the ring, “said the Sinaloa man.


It should be remembered that one of the victories that Mario boasts the most is the one he had over Saúl Álvarez (in his amateur days) in a National Olympiad. Cázares has been in charge of mentioning on several occasions that the redhead was crying the defeat on that occasion.

When asked if he would like to face him at super middleweight, the fighter confirmed: “168 pounds is my natural weight. I mean that I struggled a lot to gain weight (for the fight with Chávez Jr.) and even with those disadvantages, even with those limitations, we won, ”said the boxer, who has an undefeated record of 13 wins and 5 by knockout.

Now it remains to hear if “Canelo” Álvarez has something to say about it or if he will leave his compatriot “in sight”.

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