Candice Cameron Bure spills real tea on why Jojo Siwa called her “the rudest” and how they got together after


Earlier this week, Candice Cameron Bure became embroiled in another incident involving social media. Singer Jojo Siva, taking part in the TikTok trend, called Cameron Bure “the rudest celebrity” she has ever encountered. Up to this point, the actress only outwardly responded by posting a bible verse on social networks. But now Cameron Bure has spilled some tea, explaining why Siwa gave her this title. She also discussed how the two have since bonded.

Candice Cameron Bure addressed the viral incident during the recent issue of Candice’s Automotive Chronicles, which was posted on her Instagram. During the video, the star explained that she was “shocked” when she saw the JoJo Siwa TikTok video herself and subsequently tried to contact the 19-year-old performer. Cameron Bure eventually got in touch with her publicist thanks to a mutual friend. As soon as she contacted Siwa herself, they seemed to have a friendly conversation, during which Siwa said that she was surprised at how things turned out:

We had a great conversation and [Jojo] asked: “Hi, how are you?” And I said, “Well, I was feeling better. What happened?” And she said, “Oh, you know, I didn’t think it would go viral and they’d pick it up. It was such a stupid TikTok trend and I didn’t think it made much difference.” I said, “Well, that was important.”

Of course, the former Hallmark protagonist wanted to know one important question: what did she do to get the title of “the rudest celebrity” from Nickelodeon alumni? From there, Candice Cameron Bure explained that they met once on the Kelly Clarkson show, a meeting that apparently went “really great.” As she recalled, Jojo Siwa agreed with this assessment in their recent conversation, saying that Cameron Bure was “very nice.” But, as Siva further explained, all this happened because of what happened at the event many years ago:

In fact, she didn’t want to tell me because she said it was so stupid, she felt bad, and therefore it didn’t really matter to her. But then she said: “I met you at the premiere at Fuller House, I was 11 years old, and we were all on the red carpet. And when I came to you and said, “Can I take a picture with you?” And you said, “Not now.” And then I continued to do the same thing as you and take pictures with other people on the red carpet.” And I’m like, “Oh, Jojo, I’m so sorry.” they weren’t even evil.” And she continues: “And I understand it now, when you’re an adult, when you’re on the red carpet and everything happens, and you’re pulled in different directions. But I was 11 at the time.”

So the end result of this little mess was sweet wine between the two stars. Further, the actress DJ Fuller said that as a mother, she would also feel bad if one of her children felt slighted by a celebrity. She then summarized all the confusion on social media, saying that the “lesson” here is that no matter how many subscribers a person has, a video can “cause damage” because “we all influence the people around us.” Watch the full video below:

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This was definitely one of the most civilised decisions Candice Cameron Bure has experienced when it comes to social media controversy. For example, a few years ago, her followers were upset by a photo of her husband touching her breasts. Soon after, Cameron Bure applauded the haters of the photo, especially punishing the “Christians” who disagreed with her. A few months ago, she was also called out for not commenting on the shooting at the Uvalde school. Subsequently, the actress urged fans not to consider her silence as an indicator of her position on this issue.

Candice Cameron Bure has no problem protecting herself from trolls or clarifying the issue. Fortunately, in the case of Jojo Siva, everything went well. One can only hope that such misunderstandings between the stars can be resolved as respectfully as this.


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