Candice Cameron Bure has not officially responded to Jojo Siva’s “The Rudest Celebrity.” Comment, but she published a Bible verse


Candice Cameron Bure has proven to be one of the most active celebrities on social media, as she posts a significant amount of content on her accounts. From BTS photos from her acting performances to funny Father’s Day posts for husband Valery Bure, the star seems to get a lot of fun from her platforms. However, she also responds to negative reactions or criticism from time to time, and she recently received one of the latest from singer and actress Jojo Siwa, who called Cameron Bure “the rudest celebrity” she has ever met. Although the Hollywood vet has not officially responded, she has published a Bible verse.

Jojo Siwa took part in the TikTok trend, where people reveal the cutest, coolest and rudest celebrities they have ever met. In the video, a grinning Siwa showed off her choice by quickly showing off their photos on her phone. Although her choice for “the roughest” was quick, curious fans paused the frame and discovered that her candidate for the title is Candice Cameron Bure.

Some time after the Nickelodeon graduate’s video went viral, the Fuller House star took to her Instagram stories and posted a famous Bible verse. The passage, Isaiah 26:4, simply says, “Always trust in the Lord.”

It’s no secret that the former main character of Hallmark is a Christian and regularly talks about his faith, so it’s not surprising that she posted a similar message. It’s a simple feeling that seems to accurately sum up her faith.

Perhaps this message was not posted in response to the JoJo Siwa video (even if it seems that the time is the same). After all, the 46-year-old actress has posted a lot of prayers over the years, and she could have just continued this practice. However, it can be said that if this really was her way of addressing the viral clip, then it is much more subtle than some of the other ways in which she applauded criticism.

In 2020, Candice Cameron Bure responded after her followers got angry over a photo of her hubby touching her breasts. The star didn’t mince words, telling upset “Christians” that her husband, who is over 20 years old, “can touch [her] anytime he wants, and [she] hopes that he will do it.” Cameron Bure again addressed those who hate the photo in a separate post in which she shared her opinion about the attitude of the Christian community to sex. Just a few months ago, she was also called out for not discussing the shooting at the Uvalde school. In this situation, she chastised social media users for suggesting that her silence indicated her position on the issue.

Candice Cameron Bure understands how insidious digital platforms are, especially since even her daughter has faced hatred on social networks. Some probably wouldn’t feel obligated to deal with trolls as constantly as she does. But Cameron Bure explained that she is defending herself because she wants to remind the public that she is not just a celebrity — she is also a person with feelings.

I think if she’s not asked about it, the “Full House” actress might not bother to answer Jojo Siva’s video. And if she does, it will be an honest message, which may even include another Bible verse.


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