Candice Cameron Bure dropped a photo from the set of her first Christmas movie after leaving Hallmark, and she looks hot (literally)


Candice Cameron Bure and the rest of the GAF family were busy filming Christmas movies scheduled for 2022. However, sometimes making holiday movies is more magical than at other times, as mom and the actress recently shared several photos from the set. This will be her first post-Hallmark movie for the network, and she looks hot- and I mean it as literally as possible.

Bure shared several images from the set, where she was dressed in a charming and thick red cardigan. While combining this with jeans is probably perfect for a festive GAF movie, it might not be so great to wear such clothes in the heat. It seems the actress was trying to keep her cool with the help of a fan in her Instagram Stories post.

Meanwhile, she also shared a “look” at making the film, which also included makeup. There is nothing better than being sweaty, hot and wet with dew in the roughest way. So it’s nice to see that her team was ready and willing to tweak her when needed.

Candice Cameron Bure’s 2022 holiday movie will be called “Christmas… A gift.” In it, she will play a mom who decides to celebrate Christmas with her family, brother, widow and his child. We don’t know much about the film, except that Bure’s character, Maggie, is described as “Type-A,” and she and her brother don’t necessarily have the same attitude about how to celebrate Christmas.

The new holiday lineup on the network will launch on October 21 and will be a healthy competition for Hallmark, which has dominated the holiday season in recent years. In fact, at one point Hallmark produced as many as 40 films for the holidays, although last year this number was less. In fact, with a lot of stars also switching to GAF, a lot is changing with the holiday lineup, although Hallmark has a lot of upcoming projects that are still on the schedule.

The star of the films “Full House” and “Fuller House”, while still working at Hallmark, spoke about the “pressure” that arises when shooting seasonal films. She said that it is not difficult for her to do them correctly and never “repeat”.

I want to create a great movie that people will love and want to watch again and again, and look forward to it every Christmas. …So there’s always pressure to keep history from repeating itself; repetitive bits, the same techniques as in the Hallmark movies. There is pressure, but I perfectly understand what these elements are, and I try my best to make them fresh and new every year.

GAF had already plunged into festive and original programming last year, when he was still performing under the pseudonym GAC Family and before he signed a contract with a lot of big names. Bure has previously been the star of some of Hallmark’s best screenplays and more classic holiday fare, including the unforgettable time travel story “Journey Back to Christmas” in 2016 and its 2017 sequel “Switched for Christmas,” in which she played twins who switched places. Last year, while still working at Hallmark, she held a “Christmas Contest”. Her next film, Aurora Teagarden’s last film, marked her last network job before Bure officially left GAF.

Now she’s going forward and up with a list of holiday co-hosts, many of whom also came from Hallmark, such as Danica McKellar and Jen Lilly. Lilly actually defended the exits as there was some backlash, but I’m actually ready for healthy competition because, after all, it means more nights curled up on the bus with twinkling Christmas lights and hot chocolate. . A win-win option for the viewer.


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