Candice Cameron Bure apologized for Jojo Siva calling her the rudest celebrity


So You Think You Can Dance judge Jojo Siva didn’t hesitate to tell her followers her opinion of Candice Cameron Bure in a recent TikTok video, going so far as to call the “Full House” star the rudest celebrity she’s ever met, but it looks like the two stars have sorted it out. Fans were initially shocked by the SYTYCD star’s opinion of a seemingly unrelated celebrity, and some suggested that Candice’s recent outspoken conservative views contributed to Jojo rebuking the star. Now it seems that the real reason for the feud has been revealed, and that the beef has finally been suppressed between them.

The feud broke out after Jojo posted TikTok after a tip in which she was asked to name the cutest and rudest celebrity, as well as her favorite celebrity. After she called Zendaya her celebrity with a photo from the movie “Spider-Man: No Home,” she was asked to name the rudest celebrity she had ever met. Jojo responded with a photo of Candice on the set of Fuller House, going into only vague details of her reasoning. After the post received unexpected attention, the Sold-out actress published a biblical quote from Isaiah 26:4, which reads: “Trust in the Lord forever and ever, for the Lord God is an eternal rock.”

Candice turned to a 19-year-old girl and asked why she called her name in a video that went viral, and the SYTYCD star answered her by telling her a story that happened on the red carpet in 2016 when she was just 12 years old. to take a picture with Candice, who attended the premiere of Fuller House. She allegedly gave up JOJO only to “start taking pictures with other people.” After hearing this story, the actress felt “sluggish” and felt bad about breaking the “heart” of the young star, according to Candice’s recent Instagram video. In addition, she expressed regret for any harm she caused Jojo’s mom. As a mother, Candice, a devout Christian, expressed sympathy for the effect that her actions could have, and published a quote from the Bible.

However, the SYTYCD judge did not hold a grudge. The Hallmark actress noted that the conversation was friendly, and Jojo admitted that the ordeal “doesn’t really matter anymore.” Jojo also dismissed her actions as part of a “silly little TikTok trend,” according to Bure’s account of what she called a “great” and “innocent” conversation. With more Hallmark movies in the works for Candice, a good time to advertise couldn’t be better.

Jojo’s surprise at the attention surrounding this post was used by Candace as a lesson for her followers, where she emphasized the importance of caution with words and actions on the Internet. However, it also seems that Candice has also matured because of her offensive behavior, since the star now has children of her own, and she will allow “mom to give birth” if someone crosses out her children. In addition, since the star is finally leaving the “Full House” franchise, it is quite logical that she is also leaving her former self. In the end, it was probably the mutual maturation of both stars, as the enmity allowed for mutual understanding and a happy ending.


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