Cancer Survivor Woman Had Child With A New Technique


A woman who managed to get rid of cancer at the age of 34, had children with immature eggs taken from her 5 years ago. The child became the first child to come to the world with the technique consisting of the fertilization of immature eggs after 5 years.

Doctors in France have achieved great success. Eggs that had been removed 5 years ago from a 34-year-old cancer survivor were frozen in a laboratory environment and the woman could have children with these eggs. The results of the study of French doctors were announced in an article published in Annals of Oncology. The name of the woman who had a child was not disclosed in the article published in Annals of Oncology.

In most cases, the patient is administered ovarian stimulation hormones to ensure that the eggs ripen without fertilization. However, this method was not applied to the woman because the anonymous woman is cancer patient and she will receive chemotherapy. Instead, eggs were taken from the woman for IVM (In-Vitro Maturation) to be applied. (IVM is the process of collecting immature eggs and ripening in a laboratory environment without using medication.)

The doctors kept the immature eggs they bought from the woman by freezing in the laboratory with the rapid cooling method called vitrification. When the woman got over the cancer 5 years after the egg was removed, the egg was ripened and fertilized. The fertilized eggs were transferred to the woman’s uterus as a single embryo. The unnamed woman had a son named Jules in this way.

“IVM ensures that eggs or embryos can be frozen in cases of emergency or when it is dangerous for the patient to enter ovarian stimulation,” said Michaël Grynberg, from the University of Antoine Béclère University Hospital, where the study was conducted. Grynberg acknowledged that the eggs ripened in the laboratory environment were of “lower quality” than the eggs ripened in the body, although they gave an efficient result.

Jules was the first child to come to the world with the technique where IVM and vitrification methods were used together. The team, which brought Jules to the world, announced that there were 2 other women who got pregnant in the Clamart University Hospital with the same method with the same method. The pregnancy of 2 women continues.


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