Cancelled! El Tri will not play friendly against Costa Rica


The Mexican Soccer Team has been left without a rival for its first game of the year scheduled for next September 30 at the Azteca Stadium, after the Costa Rican Soccer Federation decided to cancel the match when it did not receive a response from the government of its country to ensure the health of the footballers upon their return from Mexico City, this due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The Costa Rican Football Federation announces the cancellation of the game before its counterpart in Mexico scheduled for next September 30, as it did not receive on Tuesday, September 22, an official response from Government entities to its request to accommodate the return to the country of the National Team. After exhausting all the avenues, Fedef Fútbol considers that the correct and responsible decision is to suspend the game as it does not have a confirmed panorama within 8 days of the match “, dictates the statement issued by the organism in which they also make a call to the government of Costa Rica so that its national team can dispute the commitments that will come in October and November.

For its part, the Mexican Football Federation announced that after the cancellation of the Tico team, they will look for another rival for the same date, which they will inform as soon as possible.

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