Canceling Kanye West on social media is no longer a way to contain controversy, and here’s why


After Kanye West witnessed his uncontrollable outrage on social networks, news about the cancellation of the rapper Donda appeared on the Internet again. However, this time it may turn out to be a successful step, since many factors have been taken into account over the past few decades. The rapper, who is now known as a provocateur, has blocked his Twitter and Instagram accounts due to anti-Semitism. But, according to reports, completely canceling the entity will not be an easy task.

According to CNN, many officials and authorities have started thinking about stopping Kanye. However, the chance of success in this is not an easy application. Here are a few reasons, according to sources, that may not allow the world to cancel Kanye.

The reports prove that the cancellation culture is nothing more than a topic of discussion on social media. Without a doubt, the vast majority of Internet users have decided to speak out against Kanye West and his unpredictable actions. Nevertheless, there is a small part of the various media that openly supported the star in all his contradictory statements.

Speaking about this factor, a senior critic of the Washington Post stated that “West’s celebrity status makes us watch and listen mainly because we are well aware that many others are also paying attention to him.”

Trump’s Influence on Kanye West

Of all his notoriously contradictory public statements, one still remains on top — this is his admiration for former American President Donald Trump. The two mentioned legends apparently got along with each other because of their similar approach to certain issues. In fact, the two men now have common fans and supporters who support them.

Act! It is reported that the founder of For America, Brigitte Gabriel, turned to Twitter to support West. All this in light of his friendship with Trump. Therefore, this is a serious obstacle to the abolition of Ye.

Despite all the dangerous waters Ye has stepped into, the only thing that has always worked as a life jacket for the star is his musical career as a rapper. People undoubtedly hate his ugly stereotypical thoughts. Nevertheless, his albums and tracks remain the most beloved for his audience.

This was very well proven at the event where Kanye made another hateful statement about slavery. There was a massive outbreak on the Internet that went against the star. Despite this, on the Billboard chart, it is reported that all seven tracks of his album Ye hit the top 40.

Thus, even after his controversial hate slogan White Lives Matter, it seems that there are no possible actions against the famous rapper. What do you think about it?


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