Canceling “Batgirl” will create problems for the Flash movie


The shocking cancellation of DC’s “Batgirl” has shaken up the future of the current list of DCEU films, calling into question what could happen to the upcoming “Flash” movie starring Ezra Miller. Originally scheduled for release on HBO Max in late 2022, the superhero movie starring Leslie Grace was supposed to introduce viewers to Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, Brendan Fraser’s villainous Firefly and the return of Bruce Wayne/Batman by Michael Keaton and J.K. James Gordon Simmons. At the moment, the film will not see the light of day anymore.

Both “Batgirl” and “Flash” have been in production for several years, but there have been ambiguous changes in them that have made many think about how Warner Bros. will react. Discovery and DC. While these projects are just some of DC’s many recent cancellations, recently “Batgirl” and “The Flash” have both ended production and suffered controversial bad news long before their scheduled release dates. The cancellation of Batgirl is due to the fact that Warner Bros. Discovery wanted to focus on making DC films as “films about big theatrical events.” It was also part of the studio’s cost-cutting measures, which also led to the cancellation of the animated sequel Scooby-Doo Scoob!: Holiday Haunt, which was also scheduled to premiere later this year on HBO Max.

The upcoming film “Flash” has suffered from numerous release date delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, director changes and post-production issues, as well as very upsetting news regarding the film’s star Ezra Miller. Miller’s recent controversies have made viewers wonder what the future of his character will be and whether this could affect the film’s box office. While Warner Bros. Discovery is still committed to releasing the film in theaters, despite Miller’s disagreements, the sudden cancellation of “Batgirl” is not a good sign for “The Flash.” Although it is unlikely that Warner Bros. Discovery will stop a theatrical release with such a large budget, the unceremonious reduction of Batgirl shows that the newly merged company is not afraid to cut back on what, in its opinion, does not work, even if it is already at the post-production stage. If Ezra Miller faces more arrests, assault charges, or controversy, the studio may be more inclined to do with The Flash what it just did with Batgirl.

Flash video can still be successful despite failures

There are still many aspects that could make the movie a successful superhero movie, and Flash’s first reaction to the test screening looks positive. The return of Batman performed by Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck and General Zod performed by Michael Shannon from Man of Steel and the appearance of Supergirl leave viewers with a lot to worry about. The release of the film will also happen just a few weeks after the end of the TV series “Flash” on the CW channel. This is a good time, because soon you will be able to see more speedster again. Those who like Miller’s interpretation of the character will also see alternate versions of Barry Allen as he seeks to prevent his mother’s murder, which inevitably creates catastrophic problems for his timeline.

The future of Batgirl and The Flash is not necessarily doomed, despite the negative news surrounding them. Leslie Grace could still appear in other DCEU projects as Barbara Gordon, as was the case with Ezra Miller’s Flash in Justice League before he got a solo film. “Flash” can still get positive reviews from critics and box office due to the news related to the film and the release date in the summer. Even if this is Miller’s last performance as Barry Allen, the potential of the film’s multiverse storyline and supporting characters could change the future of the DCEU for the better.


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