CANADIAN ROYAL KINGDOM! Ryan Reynolds Will Receive a Special Award From The Canadian Screen Awards Along With Simu Liu and Catherine O’Hara


Ryan Reynolds will receive one of Canada’s most honorable awards for his noble contribution. The Vancouver-born actor has received huge recognition for the various works he has done for society and the entertainment industry. This year, the Deadpool actor will receive special recognition from the Canadian Screen Awards along with other A-list stars.

In 2021, the Canadian actor received a prestigious award for charity and donations. The memory of that moment still makes him cry, as he once confessed. From the People’s Choice Award to the Critics’ Choice Award, the actor of The Free Guy received a number of awards. Since he loves his homeland immensely, this is really another special moment for him, as he will receive prestigious recognition in Canada.

Ryan Reynolds has received one of the most enjoyable awards from the Canadian Screen Awards.

Among such stars as Simu Liu, Catherine O’Hara and many others, Reynolds will receive a Humanitarian Award at the Canadian Screen Awards 2023. He will receive this recognition for his outstanding humanitarian contribution last year, or, as they say, an act of compassion on the part of a professional working in the Canadian media industry. The owner of Wrexham AFC has spoken about his feelings because he will get such a huge recognition.

According to a Variety report, Reynolds said receiving this award means a lot to him and he is overwhelmed by the honor. Amid the excitement, he did not forget to express his gratitude to the Academy of Canadian Film and Television for being awarded this prestigious award. He also said that this honor is based on many values that he acquired in his homeland. Although the whole world knows about his love for his country, this is certainly an incredible moment for him.

Another Canadian actor named Simu Liu will receive the Radius Award for global success. Along with these actors, “Home Alone” actress Catherine O’Hara will also receive an Icon Award for her phenomenal and ongoing contributions to the industry. Lisa Laflamme, Pierre Bruno and many other professionals have also received honorary awards in various fields.

The Academy will announce the nominees on February 22. The award ceremony is scheduled for the period from April 11 to April 16 this year.

As a “Free Guy” actor, are you excited about the ceremony too? We would also like to know your attitude to these awards. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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