Canada Makes World’s First Diamond Shaped Coin


The Royal Canadian Mint came together with the company Crossworks Manufacturing and Forevermark Diamonts to create the first diamond-shaped coin in the world. One of the most remarkable details is that the decoration of the coin is in the form of diamonds.

The day does not pass so that there are no interesting innovations in our world. One of these innovations came from Canada . Royal Mint in Canada created a diamond-shaped coin. The price of the money, which has a fascinating shape in terms of appearance, is also quite surprising. But before we get to the price, let’s take a look at this diamond- shaped coin.

The 3-ounce (about 85 grams) coin with 99.99 percent purity is also home to a 0.20-carat diamond. This 0.20-carat diamond is famous for the discovery of Northern Ontario just before the Victor Mine was closed in 2019. On top of the coin is also a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The person who designed this portrait is Canada’s famous portrait artist Susanna Blunt.

According to the statement, this diamond-shaped coin produced in Canada has been carefully designed. So it took a long time to complete the money. According to the statement, the coin has undergone a lot of tests to ensure it has the highest quality .

There is a collector’s item just below the coin so that the magnificence of the angled diamond cut engraved on the coin is more apparent. As this item is limited to 700 pieces, the money comes with the Royal Canadian Certificate of Authenticity when you receive the coin .

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The value of the diamond-shaped coin was $50, while the selling price was $1,123 .


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