Can you read ebooks on your cell phone?


Amazon has made life easier for lovers of literature. And that thanks to the practicality of the Kindle, one of the most popular eReaders today.

But to read online it is not necessary to have an eReader device, you can simply download the Kindle app on your smartphone and enjoy several works available on Amazon.

How it works

All users of the Kindle app need an Amazon account. It is through it that you make purchases of your .mobi (the Amazon ebook model) and access your library on different devices.

One of the main advantages is that the books are saved on the same page that you stopped reading. That is, if you leave a book in half, and decide to continue reading on another device with the application installed, when you open it it will be on the same page that you stopped reading.

The app even shows your reading pace, whether you read a day or a week, how long you should take to complete a book, and keep a record of your reading history.

Another advantage of having the app on your smartphone is that you will be able to read anywhere any ebook you have purchased on Amazon, and with all available resources. And to download the books, just click on the desired option that the application automatically forwards to a folder of downloaded ebooks.

Another important detail is that the book you are reading appears centered on the bottom menu. So, you can return to it without having to access your library.


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