“Can You Leave My Husband a Voice Message?” — When Blake Lively Told About Her Dinner With President Obama


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a Hollywood IT couple, and there’s no doubt about it. Thanks to countless beautiful red carpet appearances, a charming PDA on social media, and too many jokes about each other on talk shows, the couple has rethought what it means to be “paired heads.” knocking beer” when she was six months pregnant to Blake posted a photo of Ryan Gosling on Reynolds’ birthday, the couple made the internet laugh many times. Being funny online is one thing, but being funny in front of the president is quite another. And Blake Lively did it.

What world-changing issue did Blake Lively discuss with Barack Obama?

Blake Lively gained unfathomable fame after playing Serena van der Woodsen in the Netflix series Gossip Girls. Moreover, she was a favorite of any romantic comedy. Given her successful career in the acting industry, it is not surprising that Lively is invited to dinner with Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld.

While she had the urge to go all Jack Dawson on them in Titanic, the Gossip Girl actress handled it pretty well. Speaking of having dinner with important people, Blake Lively was once invited to dinner with Barack Obama.

The actress from “Gossip Girl” stayed true to her last name and revived the monochrome dinner. Obama is also called a cool president because of his charming popularity. And he had the biggest celebrities as members of his fan club. Therefore, when it was her turn to have a small talk with the president, Blake, being in a good mood, completely lost his mind.

Her pre-planned speech about what she was going to say was long forgotten. Instead, she said: “You left my husband a voice message. He deleted it because you were just a senator back then. In a room full of VIPs chatting with the president, Blake Lively still stood out. She asked the then US president to give her husband another voice message.

“Can you leave my husband a voice message?” asked Blake, and the former president complied. As a result, an iconic photo appeared in which Blake casually looks at his phone when Obama tries to talk to her. Lively said on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” that she would show it to her children.

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