Can You Block Hashtags on Tik Tok?


Users can influence the content they see on TikTok in different ways, but can you block hashtags in the app? We have everything you need to know.

An incredible amount of content is published on TikTok every day, and you can find videos on almost any topic or community on the platform.

Users usually consume most of the content they view in the app from the “For You” page, an algorithm—based feed that offers you content based on what it thinks might interest you.

However, you may have found that you are repeatedly recommended certain types of videos on your FYP that you are not interested in and that often use the same hashtags.

Is there a way to block certain hashtags in TikTok? Here’s what you need to know.

Is it possible to block hashtags in TikTok?

You can prohibit the display of videos with certain hashtags on your “For You” page — just follow these instructions:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Scroll down your FYP until you find the video with the hashtag you want to block.
  • Tap and hold the video and tap “Not interested” in the pop-up menu.
  • In the pop-up window “We will show fewer of these videos”, click “More Details”.
  • The “Filter hashtags” screen should appear. Tap the hashtags you don’t want to see anymore, then tap Send. TikTok informs: “You will no longer see videos with these hashtags in your feed “For you”. Some keywords cannot be filtered out.”

To change the words you have filtered, go to Settings and Privacy, then Content Settings, then Filter Keywords for Videos.


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