We are still overcoming the hangover of Can Yaman’s fleeting visit to Madrid. He arrived on Sunday night and left Tuesday night and, in the middle, had to fulfill many commitments that left him with little time to enjoy the city.

Even so, and after checking the affection that his fans have offered him in this country, he has been able to get a clear idea of ​​what Spanish women are like.

“Everything has been very sudden and everything has been very fast and I could not have time to enjoy and meet the Spanish girls but, as I have seen, Spanish women are very passionate, very hot and I hope that in the future I can be able to get to know Spanish women better, ”he explained at the press conference he offered to talk about this first visit.

He had already been in our country a few years ago but then he was an anonymous person who did not attract attention. Now he has returned although he has been wanting more.

At the moment he says he enjoys our gastronomy a lot: “I have always liked Spanish food. Here I have not had time to try it as I wanted but in Istanbul I do eat it. As you have seen, here I have been eating hamburgers, sandwiches in the car and I have not been able to taste Spanish food in detail, but I hope to have more chances to do it with more time. ”

For that next time he returns with more time, he has left us details on how he likes girls, although only a brushstroke because entering personal terrain is something he likes too much.

“I never presume whether I like these girls. Maybe if a model comes I fall in love but if I draw the ideal woman with my guidelines, maybe I don’t like it. That’s why it’s so hard for me to talk about a prototype, I like to experience new things and meet new people. I don’t have fixed criteria to say which is the ideal woman for me, ”he said.

Although he is not clear, after insisting a little, he gave some clue: “That is funny, that it is not stressed. I would like to meet someone with a sense of humor and to be honest. ”


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