How Can You Use VoLTE Technology on Samsung Galaxy Phones?


Voice over LTE or VoLTE technology means phones can use LTE technology to improve sound quality during calls. We tell you how you can activate this feature on your Samsung Galaxy phones.

There are many different connection technologies in our smartphones. We are quite entitled to some of these, for example technologies like 5G and Wi-Fi. Among the other technologies we can use, VoLTE draws attention.

VoLTE technically uses part of the LTE data range to improve the sound quality in our calls with our smartphones. In general, this feature is turned on at factory settings, but from time to time manufacturers or service providers prefer to keep VoLTE off.

How to enable VoLTE on Samsung Galaxy phones?
First, we start by swiping down the home screen of our smartphone or opening the settings app.
Click on Links.
Press the Mobile Networks button.
We activate the VoLTE calls option.
After doing this process, your smartphone calls will become better quality at every point where you can use your LTE feature. At points where it is not possible to use LTE, your connection will be reduced to 3G or lower. However, you will not need to adjust this link yourself.

Things to be done to activate this feature may differ slightly from operator to operator and from phone to phone. For example, the menu may not be that detailed on more entry-level phones.

How does VoLTE work?
VoLTE expression is an abbreviated version of Enriched Voice over LTE expression. This technology basically stands out as a more developed version of 4G. Thus, 4.5G technology enables the development of interviews on smart phones.

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This technology not only improves sound quality, but also reduces intermittent breaks. So if you want to hear a clear voice and ensure uninterrupted conversations, you can also make this setting.

To use VoLTE technology, your phone must also be compatible with this technology. It is also possible to continue downloading files while using VoLTE, as the LTE does not devote the entire connection to speech.


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