Can the voice commands I give to Alexa be deleted?


One of the advantages of Alexa -and therefore of the rest of virtual assistants powered by Artificial Intelligence- is that it can ‘evolve’ so to speak, learn new tricks in the same way that a mobile phone increases its capabilities with each new app that is given to it. install. This can be through their ‘skills’ -which work the same as smartphone applications-, or with new voice commands.

Privacy controls for Alexa

Commands like the ones Amazon has taught its assistant to give users more control over their own privacy: Voice commands focused on improving user privacy. For example, if you have a device that uses Alexa as an AI assistant, you can tell it:

– ‘Alexa, delete everything I said today’

By giving this voice command, the assistant will delete all the commands that you have given during the day. In this way, you will delete all the voice recordings of that day linked to your user account if you decide that you do not want to keep them.

Review Privacy settings

But there are more new commands, like this:

– ‘Alexa, how can I check my privacy settings?’

If you say so, the assistant will send through the Alexa ‘app’ a direct link to the privacy settings, where you can see how the different privacy preferences work and choose the option that you consider best.

The novelties introduced by Amazon also allow Alexa to answer more questions about privacy that the user has. So, you can ask:

– ‘Alexa, how can I manage my data?’

– ‘Alexa, how does my data improve Alexa?’

To find out how to handle your own data or how Alexa uses it. The new commands come with the latest update for the wizard.