‘Can you see the cat?’ Challenge is successful on the Internet and confuses users


“How to find the cat?” This is the question that many Internet users have asked when they come across an image that has been circulating on social networks since last Monday (30). At first glance, the illustration does not attract attention: the drawing shows only a woman holding a broom. However, a question above the image challenges the user: “Can you see the cat?”. The search for the hidden cat is the newest challenge on the Internet and has already spread through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Data from Google Trends, a tool that monitors trends on the Internet, show that searches for the term “how to find the cat” registered a sudden increase in the early hours of Tuesday (31) and are still on the rise. Much of the challenge’s success is due to the difficulty of finding the cat.

The image intrigued even famous and digital influencers like David Brazil. The promoter shared the illustration on Instagram (@davidbrazil) and wrote: “Help me … I don’t think this darn 😡”. In response to the post, presenter Adriane Galisteu confessed her difficulty in seeing the cat. “I don’t see it at all,” he commented.

The answer to the challenge surprised many people. Some even think that the game is a cheat or “force the bar”. This is because the cat hidden in the image is not a feline itself, but the left arm of the woman who, next to the curtain and a brick on the wall, seems to take the shape of the animal. The cat’s silhouette is best seen when the illustration is rotated 90 degrees.

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