How Can You Protect Yourself From Hacking Your SIM Card?

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A person named Robert Ross in the U.S. lost $ 1 million in savings after the SIM card was taken over by malicious people. So how can you protect yourself from a similar threat of attack?

A person named Robert Ross, who lived in his home in San Francisco in October 2018, noticed that the signal on his phone was gone. In the next few hours, Ross’s $ 1 million accumulation in the bank disappeared. Researchers have not yet found where the money is going.

Ross became a victim of a SIM card hacking. Technically, the hackers called Ross’s operator and spoke like Ross to transfer the SIM card to a card they controlled to perform this job. As a result, they had access to Ross’s savings.

What are the measures that can be taken against copying the SIM card?
Imagine what you did using your SIM cards on your smartphones. When a hacker gets your number and copies your card, he also gets the key to enter many places.

Some operators are requesting two-step verification for SIM replacement. Vodafone, one of the operators in our country, carries out the changes from its branches. Turkcell only allows SIM card exchange via its corporate services. In Türk Telekom, you need to go to AIM with your identity document.

If you live abroad, you can choose security questions as an additional security measure for such transactions. Domestic users are also recommended to change their phone PIN frequently.

Your only guarantee is phone verification:
For many, phone verification is the clearest measure they can take in terms of security. Creating multiple layers of verification will prevent those who will copy your line from accessing your other accounts.

Those who carry out such attacks are usually those who work with very complex methods. Especially those who use their savings in cryptocurrencies are at serious risk at this point. Since many cryptocurrencies operate in the anonymous system, it cannot be determined where the lost savings go.

Today, more and more features are being added to digital systems and smartphones. Although these services and features offer us opportunities, the consequences can be bad if the necessary precautions are not taken.


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