Can Oppo have a foldable phone? Detail


It is known that Oppo has been working on a foldable phone for two years and has obtained patents. The new patent, showing that it is now coming to an end, gave the signals of the future of the phone. A new video has emerged after the patent news we conveyed to you in early October. According to this video, the Oppo signed foldable phone seems ready.

Oppo signed foldable phone sounds like it’s coming

As seen in the resulting video, the device, which is the size of a tablet in open state, thinks to a phone with a wider right side and a narrower left side when folded. Oppo text on the left does not go unnoticed. The phone in the video, which coincides with the previously leaked models, “is it coming now?” makes you say.

It is thought that this smartphone, which is likely to be introduced at the November 17 event announced by Oppo, will attract attention. Because this year, many brands’ foldable phone models appeared. Oppo is also expected to introduce a 125W fast charging charger at the November 17 event.

Oppo imzalı katlanabilir telefon-01

To remind you, Oppo has previously filed four new patents for smartphones that can be folded in various ways. Oppo, which has tried different folding shapes, is not known which model will release before, but as far as the video released, a radical folding is not preferred.


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