Can Look Like This on GTA 6, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X


Using Unreal Engine 4, a designer redesigned one of GTA Vice City’s most important venues. Bavo Debraekeleer, who redesigned the “Ocean View” hotel, says the hotel will look like this on the GTA 6, which will be released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Rockstar Games and GTA 6, one of the most discussed topics in 2019, do not fall off the agenda. Because almost every day there is a confusing event about GTA 6 and gamers are hoping for a bit more about the GTA 6 that Rockstar Games didn’t announce in 2019. Now, a new development in GTA 6 gives a clue as to how the game might look.

We have shared with you many of the allegations made about GTA 6 to date. The most notable of these claims was that Vice City would somehow be part of the GTA 6. Now, we will share with you a study that will tear the eyes of gamers who know Vice City like the back of their hands. Bavo Debraekeleer shows how one of GTA Vice City’s most important spots can appear on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

GTA Vice City’s iconic hotel looked like this in the game.

We all know the hotel “Ocean View” in GTA Vice City. This was one of our first safe locations in Vice City. Debraekeleer, using the “Unreal Engine 4” engine, showed how this structure and its interior could look on PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X. Let’s take a closer look at Debraekeleer’s works without further ado.

When GTA Vice City was launched, of course, the circumstances were very different. Over the years, the video game industry has seriously opened the way, and developers have begun to put in great work. The share you just saw shows how the video game industry has changed.

Of course, these images don’t belong to the GTA 6. Fictitious drawings that only came from a designer. However, similar drawings may be introduced into our lives in the future with GTA 6. However, for this to be true, Rockstar Games must announce GTA 6 as soon as possible and share some details with the public. Because so far, we have not had any official information about GTA 6.

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