You Can Install Google Play Store On Huawei Phones With This Easy Method


Huawei’s phones, which cannot benefit from Google services, still come with Android installed. However, the phones do not have Android’s official app store Play Store. But an easy method, Huawei allows the Play Store to be installed on the phones.

Huawei can no longer use Google services as a result of the US blacklisting Huawei. Although Huawei continues to use the Android operating system on its phones for now, it is considered to be using its own operating system on their phones in the future.

Huawei smartphones that have come out with the Android operating system lately do not have Google services such as Play Store. So if you bought a new Huawei phone, you have to install the Play Store yourself. In this article, we transfer one of the practical methods of installing Play Store on Huawei phones.

To install Play Store on Huawei smartphones, you first need to download the application called Chat Partner from the link here. After downloading Chat Partner, install it on your phone. You may need to allow external resources to install the application.

Steps to install Play Store with Chat Partner
After installing the Chat Partner, open it and continue with the Detect Device option. After selecting Detect Device, click the Repair Now button and click the Active button to finish the process. Restart your phone after doing this.

The Play Store must be installed when the phone is switched on again. Now all you have to do is open the Play Store and log in with Google. In the tests performed, the Play Store could be loaded to P40 Lite, Mate 30 Pro and Huawei Y7p in this way with Chat Partner.

There is information that Huawei Mate 30 Pro users who want to install the Play Store using Chat Partner are facing the “Not Certified” warning. If you get the “Not Certified” warning when you enter the Play Store after the installation, you can overcome this problem by trying the method here.


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