Can I trust Bill Skarsgard? Watch an exclusive clip from the horror movie “The Barbarian” and decide for yourself


Have you ever watched a news program called “What would You Do?” in prime time? During it, ordinary people are essentially tracked by hidden cameras, how they fit into unusual situations, and at home we wonder how we would behave if we were in the same scenario. Sometimes participants (who do not know that they are being filmed) see a child being bullied, and we wonder if they will intervene. In other cases, a “rude” guest may mistreat the waiter. Will you participate? It’s easy to say that you would have done the right thing… but is it? You may wonder this question after watching the upcoming horror thriller “The Barbarian”, which will be released in theaters on September 9.

In the film, Tess (Georgina Campbell) arrives in Detroit for an interview the next morning. It’s raining. It’s dark there, and when she drives up to AirBNB, she thinks she’s rented an apartment, this is what happens…

What are you doing? Most people watching the above clip from “The Barbarian”, an exclusive promotion that you will only see on CinemaBlend, will think: “There’s no way I’m staying in this AirBNB with a complete stranger!” But what options do you have? It’s raining buckets. Hotels in this area are well booked. And the guy at the door doesn’t seem THAT bad. He?

When the trailer for “The Barbarian” by screenwriter and director Zack Kregger came out, many of you probably saw Bill Skarsgard, in whom you recognized Pennywise the clown from the terrifying films about IT, and thought, “Oh, hell, no.” None of us can blame you. But I can confirm that a talented actor is definitely not playing a killer clown (who some people want to have sex with… because people are weird). In addition, however, my lips are closed as to what awaits you in Varvara. Because you’re not ready.

Back in July at Comic-Con in San Diego, together with our partners from AMC Theaters, we organized an extended screening of “The Barbarian”, and I can confirm to you that this film looks very good in front of a crowded crowd. Zach Kregger knows when to push the button of the audience, and when to act on her nerves so that the audience sits on the edge of the seat. And we didn’t even mention that Justin Long plays a significant role in The Barbarian. Just not a man who was surgically turned into a walrus. Sorry, Tusk fans.

Now that the summer movie season is coming to an end and we are slowly approaching autumn, we are thinking about the fears of Halloween that tend to occupy cinemas in October. The barbarian will give horror lovers a head start. Buy tickets to the movie at AMC cinemas and watch “Varvara” when it is released on September 9.


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