If You Are Home Closed, You Can Get Free Crypto Lessons


Leading universities in the United States, such as Princeton, Pennsylvania, have begun to open free classes as people close themselves to their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak.

It is possible to receive training in philosophy, law, literature, engineering and many other fields by participating in these courses offered by universities online. Those who want can also take courses on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Crypto Money Lessons
If you are bored while sitting at home and want to learn more about cryptocurrencies, you can take a look at these online classes. You can register for free at the crypto courses offered by Princeton University, University of California, Berkeley (UCLA).

For example, those who enroll in Princeton University’s course can get information on different topics spread over 11 weeks in total. We can list the topics that Princeton University will cover on various videos and quizzes as follows:

Introduction to crypto and cryptocurrencies
How does the Bitcoin network work decentrally?
Bitcoin’s mechanics
How is Bitcoin stored and used?
Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin and anonymity
Community, policy and regulation
Alternative mining recommendations
Bitcoin as a platform
Altcoins and crypto money ecosystem
The future of Bitcoin


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