Can Ezra Miller arrest the Flash Tank? A new study investigates


Warner Bros.». The Flash movie had a hell of a lot of time getting to the screen. The project was first announced along with an initial list of related Justice League projects, but difficulties finding a suitable director delayed The Flash for years before we even reached a global pandemic. The film is still a year away from release, but due to the recent personal life problems of star Ezra Miller, the question arises whether we will ever see the film, and it seems that many people might be fine if we didn’t.

A survey conducted by Morning Consult, which was conducted before Ezra Miller publicly apologized and announced that they would seek treatment for what they called “complex mental health issues,” shows that almost half of adults are not against the complete cancellation of the “Flash” due to various circumstances. charges brought against Miller

In the survey, people were asked how, in their opinion, the studio should deal with the release of the film if its star is accused of various offenses, from running an unlicensed cannabis farm to hooliganism, assault and much more. They were asked if the film should be released as it is, postponed, reshoot with a new actor, or completely canceled. While only about a quarter or fewer of respondents think a movie should be canceled if a star is accused of any one crime, 42% think a movie should be postponed if they are accused of all of them.

It has been reported that delaying The Flash movie entirely is something that is at least under consideration at Warner Bros. after a slew of legal issues that Ezra Miller was involved in. They were previously arrested in Hawaii for hooliganism, and Miller was charged with burglary. earlier this month.

For now, “The Flash” is still due to open in theaters in June 2023, which at least gives the studio some time to figure out how they want to handle the situation. With Ezra Miller’s recent announcement that they are seeking treatment, it is possible that we will see Miller’s reputation recover over the next few months and people will become more comfortable with the release of the film.

Of course, “Flash” is an important release for the Warner Bros. studio. under the new leadership, which is going to make sure that those in power do not want to make a film. In addition, it was expected that since “Flash” is a storyline about time travel and the multiverse, the film could be used as a soft reboot of the DC universe on the big screen, which would make it even more important for the studio’s plans for the future. not only their own box office success.


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