Can Disney World add another restriction to its park reservation system (and possibly solve the problem at the same time)?


The Disney world has looked very different since it shut down for a while during the pandemic. Among the changes, including the abandonment of quick passes at parks, changes to annual passes, and the introduction of Genie+, Disney World also introduced a new park reservation system during this time period, first to address capacity issues. This system had its detractors, and now a new rumor indicates that the park reservation system may add another restriction in the future. However, if true, this restriction could also potentially solve the problem with the booking system.

How does the Disney World park reservation system work?

The bottom line is that when you and your family book a trip to Walt Disney World, you can pay either for tickets to one park or for tickets to the park. The latter gives you and your family the right to use more than one park during a certain day, which theoretically allows you to start your day in the Magic Kingdom and end it by booking a table at Tiffins in the Animal Kingdom or something else.

However, after the pandemic resumed, several restrictions were imposed on the Disney World park reservation system. First, families should book seats in the park separately from buying tickets during the trip. If you don’t book your tickets on time and all the reserved seats are filled, you may not be able to book the park you were hoping to enjoy on a particular day. Secondly, if you have a pass to the park, you will not be able to park until 14:00. So right now, gone are the days when you could start the morning in the Magic Kingdom and get to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival just in time for lunch.

This obviously reduced the enthusiasm of those who in the past loved to jump around the park.

What the rumor mill whispers about the next booking change

Essentially, the latest rumor indicates that Disney World may be toying with the idea of asking people with hopper park tickets to choose which park they would like to go to after their first park of the day. For Disney, this would give parks even more insight into their guests’ movements during the day and could help park staff accordingly. However, it will also result in guests being given even less flexibility regarding their trip than they currently are.

To be completely clear, the source of this rumor Walt Disney World News Today does not indicate where the murmur is coming from, and it is certainly not something that Disney Parks is specifically advertising at the moment. However, if this does move forward, it looks like there may be one silver lining in all of this: earlier parking traffic for park hoppers. (And this time you won’t even need a bunch of extra money to do it at Disney World.)

How adding another restriction to the booking can solve one problem

According to this rumor, if guests had to choose a second park in advance, it seems Disney could provide a little more freedom when it comes to the timeline. So, do you remember earlier when I mentioned that it is currently very annoying if you want to spend the morning in one park and then go for lunch at Epcot or elsewhere, but are limited to 14:00. instead? According to the report, if this new booking system becomes a reality, then guests will be able to park even earlier. This is something I could honestly tackle.

However, this raises more questions. For example, if you park, jump into the second park at 11 a.m. and want to go somewhere else for the evening, could you? Or does the need to announce your second park on a given day mean that a family can only visit two parks in one day with a park pass? Could you return to the first park after visiting the second park? So many questions…

I honestly don’t mind announcing which park I’ll go to first on a given day, but I really need the flexibility to just go where the day takes me in the parks later. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if Disney World and its four parks — Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios — move forward along this path.