How Can Coronavirus Affect the Marvel Universe?


The shared universe at Marvel Studios encountered an unexpected villain: the coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks, in addition to the postponement of Black Widow’s premiere, all Disney + series have had their recordings suspended.

This should change the release schedule for MCU phase 4 productions. This year, the studio had plans to expand the universe of films into TV series, but now that should change.

What can happen?
Like other studios, Marvel is waiting to understand how the pandemic will be treated in the coming months. With movie theaters closed indefinitely, it is risky to release million-dollar films.

Imagining a scenario in which the crisis will improve in the next 2 months, Black Widow may be launched in the middle of this year, which will avoid disturbing the MCU calendar.

But, as experts believe the outbreak should last at least until August, one solution would be to postpone the launch of Black Widow and The Eternals to 2021, which is scheduled for November this year.

However, that would change premieres of other productions. Disney + series will be linked to the films, so they need to be released in the correct order. For example, WandaVision and Loki will influence Doctor Strange’s second adventure.

What if Black Widow launches on Disney +?
Recently, Universal Pictures announced that the productions that are playing will be launched in its streaming. Thus, some fans imagined that launching Black Widow on Disney + could be an excellent alternative, but two factors prevent this.

First, Universal’s films have a “low” budget. While The Invisible Man cost about $ 100 million, Black Widow needed $ 200 million – not to mention the marketing budget for advertising. Therefore, Marvel really needs the film to be released in theaters to profit from the international box office. For exactly the same reason, Disney postponed the release of Mulan because it depends on the Chinese audience in the rooms.

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On the other hand, Disney + is not available in all countries. In Brazil, the platform should only arrive in the second half, and many users resort to piracy for this reason, further damaging the studios.

It remains for the fans to have patience in this complicated moment. Now, the most important thing is to take care of your own health and that of the community, so that everything will return to normal soon.


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