Can Consumer Day be the new Black Friday?


Consumer Day is coming: on March 15, in addition to being an awareness day about consumer rights and sellers’ responsibilities, Brazilian commerce promises a series of discounts and promotions to move the market.

Already in progress for some years, the date is already considered an important day for retail on the calendar. But can it become an event as relevant as Black Friday, which has also recently been successfully adopted by commerce? There are some elements that reinforce the hypothesis that, at the very least, we are facing a new day to warm up the sector.

The choice of date

The fact that Consumer Day is in March is important. After all, there are few commemorative dates or holidays that move commerce in this period – there is Easter, more focused on chocolates, and Mother’s Day, which is two months later.

The second semester is more populated with celebrations of the type (Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Children’s Day and Christmas) and is usually a bigger burden for the population’s pocket, while in March there is still a space to be explored.

There is also the factor of taking advantage of discounts for a future date, as happens with Christmas purchases made during Black Friday. In this case, it is possible to hunt for Easter discounts, with advance purchases of chocolates, sweets in general or toys.

In addition, the fact that Consumer Day is a coordinated, organized and discounted event automatically warms the search for products. According to data from Statista 2019, 60% of consumers look for coupons and discounts when making a purchase, which means that special price offers are in fact a way to get the public’s attention.

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New Black Friday?

Gradually, the Brazilian public is getting used to the idea of ​​having a new day for shopping in March, especially in online environments. According to a survey by Social Miner with OpinionBox, 46.9% of the Brazilian public knew Consumer Day, with the percentage jumping to 61.4% in 2020.

Even the fact that e-commerce is especially heated in 2021, thanks to the new habits acquired during more rigorous phases of the closing of the trade in the pandemic, can help: 47% of Brazilians increased their online purchases in 2020 and this number may remain high in this year.

To reach the level of Black Friday, however, is another story. The date is practically consolidated in national trade and has been growing at an accelerated rate. In 2020, according to Ebit / Nielsen, it broke a record of movement in purchases (R $ 4 billion), an increase of 25% in relation to the previous year – with the average value of purchases being R $ 679, a number high that shows the movement in the market of more expensive items, such as electronics.

In summary, the Consumer Day tends to be established in the Brazilian calendar as an important date for trade, with some elements that give strength to this project that is getting stronger and stronger. It may not reach the level of Black Friday, already at another level of consumption, but it is a way to move consumption even further in the first quarter of the year.


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