Can Chicago Fed actually give Will and Hannah a clean slate after the crisis of the Season 8 premiere? The stars are being weighed


“Chicago Medics” returned to NBC with the Season 8 premiere, which finally revealed the aftermath of the fiery cliffhanger of the season 7 finale. While Will’s apartment building seems to have burned down irrevocably, all the people involved (including the man Dylan shot to try to protect Joe) survived the initial hell with a little help from Herrmann David Eigenberg and Brett Kara Killmer, who transferred from Chicago Fire. . Hannah had a health crisis due to the fire anyway, and Will’s reaction raises the question: can they actually get a clean slate? Stars Nick Gelfus and Jesse Schram shared their thoughts!

Will and Hannah’s first relationship in season five began unsuccessfully due to her addiction and his work at a safe injection site. He wanted to help her in her recovery, and also started an affair, to the horror of Dr. Charles, and eventually she left Chicago to work on herself in the season 6 premiere. The two became close after her return in season 7 (when she was sober for almost two years), and they even cleared up some lingering issues and agreed to “turn the page” and “be friends” rather than renew the romance.

In the Season 8 premiere, it became quite clear that the intention to be friends did not mean that they could just turn off the strong feelings they still had in their relationship, as Will loomed over Hannah and tried to interfere with her treatment, against Ethan’s wishes. So, can they really turn the page and start with a clean slate? When the Chicago Med stars were talking to CinemaBlend and other media, I asked how they balance between their characters taking care of each other but not getting back together.

Their dynamic has been unconventional from the beginning, and the sparks that flew between them in the beginning seem to still fly, even if they are determined to remain friends. Will was clearly upset with her that she was still suffering from the effects of her addiction years after she became sober, probably not helped by the fact that she inhaled smoke and could have died after their sweet chat in the apartment in the Season 7 finale (streaming available). now with a Peacock subscription). Jessie Schram shared her thoughts, noting the scene in the apartment before the fire
They can’t just erase their complicated history, but—assuming poor Will doesn’t fall apart after his earthly possessions and VasCom investments literally burned down—they both seem to be in a better position now than they were in their relationship a couple of years ago.

Perhaps Will had saved her more than once, going back to the early days of their relationship, when he had tried his best to help her on the road to recovery. He also did his best to help her in this episode, although Ethan’s objectivity was more helpful than Will’s desperation. Clean slate or not, Will and Hannah clearly care deeply about each other and bond them “forever,” so fans should look forward to more in Season 8.

Keep tuning in to NBC on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET to see new episodes of Chicago Med, before Chicago Fire (which has a surprisingly fireless cliffhanger to resolve in its premiere) at 9 p.m. and soon there will be dirty Chicago police. With a new theme at 22:00 To learn more about viewing opportunities, check out our schedule of TV premieres for 2022.


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