Can a wireless charger damage the phone?


Wireless charging has become quite popular in recent years, present mainly in flagship smartphones and high-end gadgets, such as Bluetooth headsets and smartwatches. The method aims to provide more convenience for the user, working through bases that are already found even in some cars.

Studies show that wireless charging can be detrimental to the battery life of cell phones, especially if done incorrectly. According to an analysis by the American Chemical Society (ACS), the technology increases the internal temperature of the devices, which is harmful to lithium ion batteries, which are the most used in modern smartphones.

Harmful heating

A study by the University of Warwick (England) also indicated that wireless charging can degrade the battery due to the high temperature, as it produces more heat during recharging, especially when the devices are not properly positioned on the charging bases, which is important for the alignment between the loading and receiving coils.

In addition, research has indicated that when using cases during the process, more time for charging is required, which makes the device warm up even more and compromises battery life. Manufacturers guarantee that there should be no damage to the devices, as long as original equipment is used.

It is worth noting that, although the technology offers a working and safety protocol, the coils and specifications of each charger may vary in operation according to the device used.

How to preserve the battery?

Wireless charging requires that the device is compatible with the technology. In the case of using a case, it is necessary to check for induction charging; however, the cable load still offers more security and speed.

If you do not give up wireless charging or plan to buy a charger of this type, try to align the device with the base, avoid using cases during the process, do not use the cell phone during recharging and avoid installing the base in very hot places. Such care can make the process more efficient and your cell phone more protected.


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