Campus: medical training courses recruiting abroad!


Foreign universities of medicine recruit many French students on their campuses. Focus on their training! Studying medicine and joining a large campus abroad is possible!

Since the end of PACES last September, two main paths lead to medical studies in France. In fact, students can choose between the Specific Health Access Paths (PASS) and a license with the option “health access” (L.AS).

This reform of health studies has advantages. But its implementation poses many problems for universities and students! Always with the same question: should you go in Pass or in L.AS? A real puzzle!

Especially since anyone can apply for these licenses on Parcoursup. As a result, places are very limited on campus!

Like the PACES, these courses allow you to specialize afterwards. But they can also be a bit restrictive for students who hesitate between several disciplines.

Having said that, there is an alternative to these medical studies. And it is outside our borders! Indeed, foreign campuses offer many training courses in this area with nice advantages.

First of all, these training courses are recognized for their quality. Then, they also allow you to learn new languages. Not to mention all the other benefits of studying abroad. Starting with the journey!

But which medical campuses abroad are recruiting?

Campuses: these medical training courses abroad that recruit!


For example, the University of Montreal welcomes 1,100 French students to its campus each year. It makes Frenchy!

Above all, it offers numerous training courses in the scientific field. And there’s something for everyone !

In fact, it is one of the best research institutions in Canada. Indeed, the campus has many scientific facilities. Ideal conditions for studying!

For its part, the MedTec school offers six years of training in medicine. All in Milan, Italy!

Indeed, this training is managed by Humanitas University in partnership with the Polytechnic of Milan. Mostly, it is taught in English. Of course !

But what is its particularity? From precision medicine to surgical robots, it combines medicine and advanced technologies. Everything is there ! In short, the MedTec school trains 2.0 doctors on its campus.

For interested students, applications for the year 2021-2022 are already open. And to register, nothing could be simpler!

First, you need to register on the University website and then for the admission test. Then you must validate your registration for the test on the website of the Polytechnic of Milan.

The entrance exam will take place online and take place on March 12, 2021. Yep, it happens fast!

Finally, be aware that there are 70 places available each year on campus. Namely 60 for students residing in Europe and 10 for foreigners. So there won’t be something for everyone. So make room for applications and revisions!


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