Campus: Macron calls on students to surpass themselves!


Emmanuel Macron has been looking into the future of students for several months. He decided not to close the ENA and found a solution.

For months, students have been harmed because of Covid -19. Emmanuel Macron is aware of this and wants to do everything to help the poorest have a bright future.

Emmanuel Macron is thinking about the future of young people in France. For almost a year, Covid-19 has been raging and slowing the country. Museums, cinemas, restaurants have closed their doors and students are finding it difficult to follow distance learning courses. In addition, the most modest find themselves in great difficulty.

Many young people have not been able to find odd jobs this year. Thus, they cannot pay their rent and eat properly. Faced with their distress, the President took some action. He notably introduced 1 euro meals in U restaurants. An initiative that was very well received.

Then, faced with the discomfort of the students, Emmanuel Macron also introduced psychiatric checks. This allows young people to be able to consult and be able to speak in the face of the current crisis. Many of them are worried and many are even thinking about quitting their studies. The president therefore wants to motivate them.

Macron was due to shut down the ENA after the yellow vests crisis several months ago. Indeed, the National School of Administration does not promote equal opportunities and the poorest cannot have access to it. Still, he has revised his plans and wishes to leave it open with conditions.


This Thursday, February 11, Emmanuel Macron announced that he was not going to close the ENA. Instead, he wants to add a few new things to it in order to diversify the school, echoes PureBreak. It is therefore a question of establishing “Pre-Talent”. The purpose of this is to help modest students to prepare for the competitive exams of the grandes écoles

“We are going to extend the network on the territory of talent prepas, with at least 2 classes per region, to be as close as possible to families, to where we live,” he explained. However, it is not the only thing the president has in mind to help young people with their studies.

“Then we’ll open ‘Talents’ contests. You will be able to apply for competitive examinations in the 5 schools of the senior civil service, ”he added. The schools in question are ENA, ENSP, EHESP (School of Advanced Studies in Public Health), ENAP and INET. Thus, as our colleagues confide, there will be 1000 more places, only for these young people.

With these new ideas, Emmanuel Macron hopes to have “more justice” in the grandes écoles. For him, it is crucial that students are no longer “assigned to the social environment or the place” where they were born. In any case, it should help young people a lot.


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