Campus: It becomes possible to compare private schools!


A new platform has just been created. Thanks to it you will be able to compare private schools and therefore not get the wrong campus.

You do not yet know which school to turn to? No problem, a platform has just been created to allow you to compare French private schools. So which campus will you look to next year? We answer your questions.

Usually, the end of the year marks the start of career fairs. But with covid-19 it’s impossible to meet private schools and make up their minds. So, to overcome that, a young girl decides to create a platform to make life easier for students.

The name ? Captain Study. Leslie is 21 years old and is a student from Bordeaux. One day she decides to create the first platform that can compare verified reviews of French private schools. A good way to form an opinion on their subjects.

On Capitaine Study you can therefore find more than 400 referenced schools. A good start when we hesitate a bit about our orientation. But also 1500 student reviews in order to see more clearly and have a point of comparison. What could be better than someone who has already had the experience?


The concept of Captain Study is simple. Current students but also alumni give their opinion on the school they attended. Whether it is positive or negative. This could therefore help future students not to make the same mistakes or encourage them in this way and this campus.

Because it is true, there are many private schools in France. And all of them manage to have good communication. It is sometimes difficult to know in advance if the reputation is as good as what they say. So thanks to this platform: no more lies.

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Reviews of private schools are classified under four criteria. Education, professional integration, infrastructure but also student life. So if you have any doubts do not hesitate to visit the site.


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