Campus: Facebook is launching a portal to help all students


Indeed, Facebook wants to help students with this brand new platform. A real asset for young people!Followed by no less than 500,000 people, the Campus France page is described as follows: “To succeed in your studies in France is first of all to trust Campus France, to help you find your training, to finance it and to prepare your stay. “

Indeed, FB Campus’s role is to bring students together according to their hobbies or their fields of study, for example. So we validate the idea!

Even though the app is accessible from Facebook, Campus presents itself as a separate section. She also has a profile that is a bit different.


To register, nothing could be easier! Each student must provide their university email address. Then all you have to do is configure your Campus profile by adding a photo and some information about yourself. That’s all !

Students can then take advantage of this space dedicated to their university or school. The news feed is specific to each school as well. In fact, the user thus benefits from a news feed reserved for students only and can also browse his university directory! This is the best way to create a directory of your friends or “classmates”.

Covid 19 demands! Students must indeed work remotely, teleworking!

This Campus is therefore ideal for creating a virtual link and contact between them. They will be able to help each other, have fun, discuss, etc. The best, don’t you think?

Campus is a nod to Mark Zuckerberg’s original Facebook. The page was indeed used by students to get in touch with others!


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