Campus: business schools refuse to reimburse students!


For the past few weeks, business school students have been launching petitions to have their school year reimbursed!

Too much is too much for business school students. For several days, more and more of them have joined a petition to be reimbursed for their year.

“We want a partial refund of tuition fees.” This is how the students started their letter to business schools, then.

It must be said that the global health crisis has damaged the mental health of students. And their purchasing power too. Since many have found themselves in a precarious situation, therefore.

Students from higher schools therefore want their tuition fees to be reduced. In proportion to the time they spent in class, then.

Students are willing to pay their fees, therefore. But at the right price, therefore. “Our letter is not intended to undermine the quality of teaching. We pay more than our predecessors for courses of less good quality ”, specify the students in the letter, therefore.


Faced with this growing petition, which has already collected more than 20,000 signatures on the MesOpinions site, business schools have therefore responded. And their answer is clear, crisp and concise, therefore.

The reasons are multiple and are clearly stated in a letter that the schools have made public. Indeed, they do not receive any public subsidy and therefore pay for everything themselves.

In addition, every precaution has been taken so that the students can study safely. “Health measures, but also and above all in new educational technologies, have been applied. Just like the redevelopment of their educational spaces ”, specified the business schools involved.

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As a reminder, business schools do not receive any funding from the state. Because of their status. They therefore pay the premises, but also the staff and other services out of their own pockets. A refund is therefore not an option, therefore.


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