Campus: Bac + 5 graduates find it difficult to find a job!


According to a study conducted by Syntec Conseil, barely more than half of Bac + 5 graduates have managed to find a job since

We are living in rather strange times. It has now been almost a year since our freedoms have been “curtailed” due to the circulation of Covid-19. Despite this health crisis, students can still take courses and take exams. On the other hand, finding work is quite difficult. Proof of this is with Bac + 5 graduates who are struggling to find a job.

Indeed, Syntec Conseil has just unveiled a study which is cause for concern. According to the study in question, relayed by our colleagues from Le Figaro Etudiant, only 55% of young graduates managed to find something that suited them.

The president of the organization that conducted the study said: “These young people are worried. In fact, 85% of those with a Bac + 5 believe that job search is harder than they imagined. In addition, they are twice as likely to look for a job than during the previous 2008-2009 crisis ”.

It is still necessary to have chosen a good course. Indeed, if you leave a scientific or economic course, your job search would not be the same depending on the media. The employment rate is 60% for engineering schools and scientific university masters. Against 50% for university masters in eco / management and business school graduates.

You will have understood it, to have a Bac + 5 and to find a job remains difficult, but if you chose the right way, it can quickly lead.


But if the rate remains low overall compared to previous years, it is also thanks to a specific fact. The fact that some were unable to go abroad due to Covid-19 and were forced to stay in France.

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This made it possible to keep excellent elements among the young Bac + 5 graduates, as the boss of Syntec Conseil points out: “These highly qualified young people who had to stay in France represent an opportunity. Companies must make an effort to keep them. Because if we don’t hire them, next year, once the crisis is over, they will no longer be there. ”

Before concluding: “We will see if the hiring bonus for young people remains maintained after the end of January. And if that’s enough. This bonus is essential, because from March there will be a rivalry between 2020 graduates looking for a job and young people looking for an end-of-study internship. Which are obviously cheaper ”.

Hopefully the war between last year’s Bac + 5 and those of this year does not rage too much …


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