Campus: Asian students come to study less in France!


Every year in France, campuses have fewer and fewer Asian students. Why ? Find out in this article. It was a big worry that gripped MHamed Drissi a few days ago. The latter, in charge of international relations at the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE). French campuses are said to be less and less used by Asian students.

Why ? M’Hamed Drissi tried to give it to Les Echos. The latter, at first, said he was delighted with the attraction among students from Africa. Indeed, he said: “For sub-Saharan Africa, the increase is up more than 30% compared to last year.”

On the other hand, when we take a look at the students from Asia, the numbers are much worse. On this subject, he made it known: “The first ten classified schools, very active in the world, could be very affected by a decline”.

But good news was coming. The fact that India was bringing its foals back to French campuses. “We saw a drop in student numbers last year. Especially in business schools. But there is a slight increase this year. But she is not up to what we wanted. ”

It is also the fault of the numerous visa refusals: “We had visa refusals like we had never experienced in the past”. Said Jean-Philippe Ammeux, head of IéSEG, at Campus France.

Regarding the lack of Chinese students on campuses in France, this would mainly be the fault of Covid-19.

Campus: Asian students come to study less in France!


Indeed, they think that we have and manage the health crisis very badly. Which is not wrong. It is also for this reason that they favor another country rather than France.

If some thought the vaccine would make their campuses attractive again, they were wrong. Skema Managing Director Alice Guilhon admits: “We all thought that with the vaccine, the situation would be resolved. And there we really start to worry. ”

Most of the principals of the big schools “thank” Trump’s policies despite everything. This deprives students from other countries, including Asia, of coming to follow a course in the United States.

As a result, the majority fall back on Europe. And this allows French establishments to find some: “What made us feel good was Trump’s policy. Which has drained students from Asia to Europe. Alice Guilhon added,

The latter, concluding by expressing her doubts about the new president of the United States: “I wait. I’m waiting to see what Joe Biden does. The cards are being reshuffled. ”

It remains to be seen whether, once the crisis is over, Asian students will return to French campuses.


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