Campus: A student sells Pokémon cards to fund it!


In the United States, a student manages to finance his studies by selling Pokemon cards. Thanks to that, the young man pockets 130,000 euros.

You do not dream. In North Georgia, a student manages to finance his medical studies thanks to his Pokemon cards! A project that he has been running for over four years now. And which seemed wacky to those close to him.

This student’s name is Caleb King. And since 2016, he has been gradually buying Pokemon cards. Because these can gain enormous value over time. It doesn’t sound like that, but some can sell for thousands of euros.

So the young man invests 4,000 euros in cards. And when it’s time to pay college, he decides to sell. You know, in the United States, studies are very expensive. So, to do medicine, the student puts his hand in his pocket.

So he starts to sell a few cards. And thanks to that, the young man collects 80,000 euros. A very nice sum. His parents can’t believe it. And yet, Caleb has plenty of cards left. What to increase the profit.


During an interview, the student confides that with what he has left, he can still earn 50,000 euros. In all, the young man would be 126,000 euros in profit. Because we have to take away the 4,000 euros he initially invested. And it was worth it.

However, the sum is astronomical. The student strategy works 100%. Of course, this did not happen overnight. It takes time, patience and watch the curves. Because from what we know, the price of cards continues to increase.

So if you find an old deck of your Pokemon cards don’t throw it away! He could make you some money. Obviously, the rarer the cards, the more they will earn you. In short, a good vein to dig for those who want to make some money.