Cammy and Guile Will Be The Next Street Fighters in Fortnite


Fortnite will be hosting two new Street Fighter characters starting August 8th. Cammy and Guile will be the next fighters to drop Sonic Booms and Spiral Arrows in exchange for firearms and fort building.

As with Ryu and Chun-Li before them, Epic Games opted for a classic look for the default character skin. Guile comes with his iconic uniform and dog-tags, with the small detail of stubble shading. He follows the emote of his classic victory pose by combing his hair, which turned out to be crisp in the Fortnite look. The alternative look features the American fighter ready to sunbathe by the pool.

Cammy also arrives looking very similar to her original debut, but with a subtle change: pants. Fortnite targets a younger crowd, so Epic Games decided it wouldn’t be very appropriate to have the former Shadaloo doll with her thighs hanging out. But the abdomen is okay, because in her alternative look, Cammy puts on a tactical cropped (name made up now) and camouflage pants. His emote also brings his classic victory pose.

The two are not related, but come together with the Ariana Grande event – which takes place in the game this weekend. The content is part of the campaign involving the controversial UFOs.


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