Camilla Vasquez Defends Johnny Depp Again in First Interview After Amber Heard Filed Appeal


Since the verdict on the dueling libel suits between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was handed down, Heard’s side has made it clear that it plans to appeal the verdict. Now this appeal has been officially filed, which means that both sides are returning to court. Johnny Depp’s legal team is also returning to the media, and Depp’s lawyer Camilla Vasquez is making her first statement about the appeal.

Speaking to CBS this morning, Camilla Vasquez was asked what she thought when she heard Amber Heard had filed an appeal against the verdict. She said she certainly wasn’t surprised, as the appeal was expected in the end, so the team already had a strategy planned for what to do if and when the appeal happens. Vasquez explained…

It was expected. I mean, from the day she lost the trial, she indicated that she was going to appeal. And we really [came up with a strategy]. In the end, Mr. Depp filed his own appeals so that the court could get a full report. She insists on continuing the trial in this case. We have to protect our customers.

The jury found both sides responsible for libel, although the monetary award awarded to Depp far exceeded the amount awarded to Amber Heard’s side. Now that Heard has appealed, Depp’s team has done the same, so the appeals court will consider both sides of the verdict.

As both sides of the verdict are being reviewed, there is a possibility that the situation for Amber Heard may worsen. If only the sentence against her had been reviewed, the worst that could have happened is that the Court of Appeal would not reduce the amount of damage, and everything would remain the same. Now, at least, it is possible that the appeals court will keep the previous amount awarded to Depp, but reduce the amount awarded to Heard, which will increase the balance of the financial burden for her.

It was probably a calculated risk on the part of Amber Heard’s legal team. Camilla Vasquez bluntly stated in an interview that if Heard’s side had not filed an appeal, Depp’s side would not have done it itself. Despite the small award given to Hurd, they won, and appealing a small verdict against them would probably be more trouble than it was worth. Hurd’s team probably knew it was possible, but decided it was worth the risk.

By and large, Amber Heard can win a lot more. Even if the Court of appeal does not overturn the entire verdict, it can significantly reduce the damage owed to Johnny Depp. Even if the sentence against Depp is also commuted, if the appeals court decides to cut both amounts in half, it will be a big victory for Heard’s side.

This legal battle is certainly not over yet, which means that we will not only see the continuation of the battles in court, we will continue to see the struggle in the media and social networks.


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