Camilla Luddington reveals her favorite moment to fans


Luddington began playing Jo Wilson on Grey’s Anatomy season 9. Jo joins the Gray Sloan Memorial staff as an intern, and befriends Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) early on due to their shared similar backgrounds.

On the one hand, their relationship turned romantic over time, but despite being married twice, it ended in divorce. Jo is a fan-favorite character, in part because of everything she’s been through.

From her abusive ex-husband to learning about the circumstances surrounding her conception, Jo hasn’t had it easy. But she has become an asset at the hospital, pioneering new procedures alongside her friend and mentor, Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo).

In season 14 of Grey’s Anatomy, Jo, then a resident, begins working with the new interns. In that group is Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli), who comes across as the stereotypical goofy nerd (with glasses). However, Schmitt gains confidence after meeting Nico Kim (Alex Landi), who helps him come to terms with his sexuality.

At first, Jo and Schmitt weren’t that close, but on a one-night stand, they continued to interact. When Alex left her, Jo felt desolate living alone.

In turn, at the same time, Schmitt was looking for a place to live after parting ways with Nico. He moved in with Jo on Grey’s Anatomy season 16 since they have been friends.

Camila Luddington’s favorite moment on Grey’s Anatomy involves Schmitt so one of the characters’ first interactions occurred before they were friends.

“I think this could surprise people,” the actress confessed during an interview.

“I think one of my favorite scenes for Jo is actually the scene where she wakes up after being with Schmitt, so she sneaks out of her mother’s basement and steps on her glasses.”

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“It’s a really short scene, but it was something that I had offered showrunner Krista Vernoff in the summer,” Luddington continued.

Similarly, Luddington admitted that Seeing his character like that with him made his reaction seem really funny because he was all hysterical, highlighting that this is actually the only moment he could think of when asked about his scene favorite.


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