Camilla Kostek talked about the future with Rob Gronkowski


Late last month, longtime NFL tight end star Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from football-for the second time.

Earlier this week, Gronk’s girlfriend, Camilla Kostek, shared what the couple will do now that he has retired. They plan to spend some time together now that he doesn’t spend most of the year playing football.

Here’s what she said via Extra:

With the news that he’s kind of retired from football, I think we’ll be able to investigate him. I mean enjoying time together and getting to know each other even more. I think the pandemic has allowed us to get to know each other during this time. Not on schedule and constantly at the airport. I can’t wait to just enjoy the Fourth of July weekend and walk our dog.”

Kostek also shared with the couple the only hope that they will be able to visit the Virgin Islands.

“We actually just got back from France,” she continued. “We were in Hawaii a couple of months ago. I hope I can bring him to the Virgin Islands — that’s where I shot for the magazine this year. I have a family there, my mother grew up there. we were together. I hope it will be our vacation in the tropics… do it locally.”

Now that Gronk is retired, the couple will have plenty of time to do whatever they want.