Camila Cabello lives one of the best stages of her life on a professional and personal level. Not only does he enjoy the success of the release of his new studio album Romance, but he also shares his heart with what he considers his soulmate: Shawn Mendes. Although this has not been the only achievement that our protagonist has accomplished in recent weeks.

The Easy interpreter has met one of Hollywood’s best-known faces, Tom Hanks, and, judging by his expression in the image he has shared on social networks, we could confirm that he is one of his favorite actors.

Everything happened in the backstage of one of the great events in which our protagonist has appeared in these most recent days. (Proof of this is the gown with which Hair looks in the photo). So everything indicates that Hanks was also invited and took the opportunity to meet.

Camila’s smile says it all. Or perhaps this would not be your expression after becoming aware that you are meeting one of your idols? We don’t get nervous just thinking about it.

As we mentioned in previous lines, Camila lives one of her best stages. On December 6, she gave birth to her second studio album Romance with a most complete musical repertoire. In addition to including topics that he has already offered us in recent months, Camila has delighted us with rhythms that make this project a milestone in his career.

One of these songs is Miss with Shawn Mendes, the boy with whom he not only shares a profession, but also a heart. In fact, she herself has confessed that both have the ability to forget the cameras in public to enjoy every second they spend together. Pure love in the air!

And so, Camila returns to fulfill a new dream. Now it’s your turn to answer: which actor is on the top of your ranking?


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