Camila Cabello: Lovely moment of affection with her dog!


On social media, Camila Cabello never stops spending loving moments with her adorable dog, Tarzan. Camila Cabello is crazy about her new dog. Indeed, the pretty brunette keeps posting photos and videos of her new hairball.

So it was on November 3 that the singer and Shawn Mendes decided to adopt a new four-legged friend. And it was on Instagram that the couple broke the good news, then.

In a video shared on her Instagram account, the young woman presented the little Tarzan. “Hello to Tarzan who is joining the family,” announced the singer, therefore.

The little golden retriever is therefore a delight for Camila, Shawn and Internet users. The latter are passionate about the adventures of the little puppy.

Camila Cabello is still isolated in her Miami home with Shawn Mendes. So Havana’s interpreter spends her time with all of her dogs.


A few hours ago, Camila posted a photo in her Instagram Story. In the photo, Shawn Mendes’ sweetheart is lying on the ground.

Little Tarzan is therefore licking him on the floor, then. The image should therefore create a buzz on social media.

A dog lover since her earliest childhood, Camila Cabello owns four. A few days ago, the young woman was making the headlines in the celebrity press because of her dogs.

Indeed, while she was walking her adorable doggies, the young woman lost sight of one of her dogs. The latter used a second of inattention to greet a passing owner’s dog.

The paparazzi, present at the same time, therefore photographed the scene in its entirety. The images therefore went around the web in record time …

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